Beginning in March 2017, Mona Beads is partnering with native Eugene artist, Dana Swisher, in an effort to make some magic in our own backyard.

Our Infinite Hearts Project is the culmination of our collective desire to use art to heal and unify our community. This grass-roots fundraising partnership will directly support select non-profit organizations in Eugene.  Supporters of Our Infinite Hearts Project will be helping these organizations to provide meals, shelter, medical and mental health services and pet healthcare to our neighbors most in need.

Each month, the Mona Beads family and Dana Swisher will collaborate on the design and creation of a unique, collectible handmade clay charm to represent each of our non-profit partners.  These charms will be available for purchase at Mona Beads, as well as a growing number of locally owned and operated businesses.  90% of the proceeds will go to that month’s partner, 10% of the proceeds will go to the artist for materials. We are asking supporters to pay with cash or check, so that we may funnel ALL of the funds raised back to the organizations, rather than lose a portion of the funds raised to banking fees.

In a time when many of us struggle with how we can create the change that we want to see in the world, we would like to posit that a way can be made with ART.  Supporting local artists creating beauty and non-profit working to better our community is a great place to start.  It takes a village!